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The Practice of Having Fun: The Work Pose

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In a world where technology has made things so easy, I’m always interested when someone takes the longer road to accomplishing a task. It isn’t always necessary but it is refreshing.

I spend my days like most people in my part of the world, tapping the screen of my phone, instantly connecting and communicating, pressing buttons for heat, lifting faucets for water. Life is easy. However, I still enjoy sitting down and hand writing a letter or growing my own food from seed or playing the telephone game using two paper cups and a string with my daughter. It requires some work but it’s so much fun.

I appreciate when someone decides to shy away from cutting edge technology and try something a little old school.



In light of that, I’m sharing a video called “Hideaway” by an up and coming star named Kiesza. Her music could be classified as techno-pop or house. The amazing thing about the video is that they shot it all in one take. Like Dillon’s Subterranean Homesick Blues or Weezer’s Sweater Song or Feist’s 1234 before it, the artist lets the camera roll through one full performance. No cuts, no edits. It is what it is.

In the video we follow Kiesza dancing down a NYC street. In her choreography she pays homage to early Madonna, Michael Jackson, and if I’m not mistaken, Solid Gold dancers. We even get treated to a little roger rabbit, running man and What’s Happening? ReRun style pop and lock. This girl knows her stuff and executes her moves beautifully.

I challenge you to watch this and not smile. Whether Kiesza’s music is your cup of tea or not, the amount of coordination, technique, talent and joy that went into this video cannot be ignored. It obviously took work.

The end result reminds me that a bit of extra work can be so much fun.

Author: Sara Gray

Sara Gray is a legal assistant who moonlights as a freelance writer and blogger.

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