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The Practice of Perspective


plane window photo

A view from above

Time does more than tick mindlessly, measuring out moments and rationing minutes. It heals too.

I remember as a teenager being embroiled in a heartbreaking social tangle. I sat at my childhood kitchen table lamenting the situation with tears welling in my eyes. My mother reassured me saying, “I can tell you that in a few years this will mean nothing.”

She was right. All I can remember from that moment is my mother’s words. I have no idea what actually caused the tears.

Now my daily life hustles across a grid marked by time. School drop off at 8:30, work by 9:00, 60 minutes for lunch, pick up by 4:45, swim class by 6, my eyes search out the dashboard clock as my own digital sherpa.

street chalk art optical illusion

I rarely notice how this endless current of time is slowly softening edges and smoothing rough spots. If I choose to stop and think about what might have had my stomach in a knot last year at this time, it becomes really clear that things have changed and that particular worry has dissipated on its own.

It causes a reevaluation of current worries. If they don’t matter a year from now, do they matter at all?

Even time, that is often viewed as a taskmaster, can be re-framed as a gentler force, kind enough to ease fears and tensions just by keeping its constant measured pace.

Reminding us, that a little perspective can change everything.


Author: Sara Gray

Sara Gray is a legal assistant who moonlights as a freelance writer and blogger.

3 thoughts on “The Practice of Perspective

  1. I am so happy when these posts land true to their mark.

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  2. I’m learning that the most startling turn of events can yield some pretty big gifts. xo


  3. How very true, but how quickly we forget and get all worked up about the next major crisis that turns out to be, in perspective very minor. Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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